Academic Profile

Eric's research focuses on innovation economics with a particular focus on institutional investment in high technology sectors. His doctoral research focused on the emerging clean tech sector in North America and Europe. His current research focuses on capital flows into infrastructure and private equity investments across Asia, Europe, and North America more broadly. This research has implications for fiscal policies appropriate for attracting foreign direct investment in new industries.

Eric completed his DPhil in economic geography at University of Oxford as an Australian Rhodes Scholar. Eric has worked as an independent academic consultant to several international organisations including the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the United Nations Environment Program Finance Initiative. He was a tutor in the 'Geographies of Finance' undergraduate course and the 'Corporate Environment Management' masters course.

Eric's journalism and political commentary can be accessed at his personal website:

Current Research

Eric's research interests include: international finance; private equity; infrastructure finance; public financing approaches to clean technology deployment; and investment management of pension funds and sovereign wealth funds.


Selected Publications

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