Staff Members

Dr Ariell Ahearn

Dr Ariell Ahearn

Departmental Lecturer and Course Director, MSc/MPhil in Nature, Society and Environmental Governance | tel: +44 (0)1865 275862

Professor Danny Dorling

Professor Danny Dorling

Halford Mackinder Professor of Geography

Dr Marion Ernwein

Dr Marion Ernwein

Departmental Lecturer in Human Geography

Dr Fiona Ferbrache

Dr Fiona Ferbrache

College Lecturer

Dr Stefanos Ioannou

Dr Stefanos Ioannou

Research Associate in Finance and Geography

Dr Peter Wynn Kirby

Dr Peter Wynn Kirby

Research Fellow

Dr Anna Lora-Wainwright

Dr Anna Lora-Wainwright

Associate Professor in the Human Geography of China | tel: +44 (0)1865 275857

Dr Linus Mattauch

Dr Linus Mattauch

Departmental Research Lecturer in the Economics of Environmental Change, ECI

Dr Sarah McGill

Dr Sarah McGill

Research Associate, SSEE

Dr Denver Nixon

Dr Denver Nixon

Research Associate in Transport and Mobilities, TSU

 Tom Russell

Tom Russell

Software Technician, ECI

Dr Michael Urban

Dr Michael Urban

Research Associate in Finance and Geography

Dr Alex Vasudevan

Dr Alex Vasudevan

Associate Professor in Human Geography | tel: 01865 614917

Professor Dariusz Wójcik

Professor Dariusz Wójcik

Professor of Economic Geography | tel: +44 (0)1865 275985

Cluster Co-ordinating Team

Graduate Research Students

We have a number of graduate research students actively involved in current research:

Pablo Astudillo-Estévez

Path dependence, reinforcement mechanisms and economic complexity in commodity-exporting countries

Serkan Birgel

Peacebuilding through natural resources - the case of Cyprus

Micol Chiesa

Do firms forget about the environment? Evidence from publicly listed corporations

Pierre-Louis Choquet

A shared responsibility in the face of climate change: the case for "unburnable carbon"

Theodor Cojoianu

Environmental investment strategies across the investment value chain: addressing the investment gap in clean technologies - from asset owners to entrepreneurs

Justin Dargin

A carbon market for the Gulf - the development of an optimal carbon trading platform to regulate carbon emissions in the Gulf cooperation council

Paulo De Souza

Can society and corporations share the same perspective on sustainability? Should they?

Mark Fransham

Understanding neighbourhood income poverty dynamics in England

Jennifer Gooden

Investing in nature: the premise and promise of private conservation

Wenbo Guo

Mobility, subjective well-being and health in transitional China: towards socially sustainable cities

Yifan Han

A demand atlas for the planning, operations and upgrading of bicycle-sharing systems

Elizabeth Harnett

The diffusion of responsible investment discourses and practices: the role and impact of investment consultants

Tom Hashimoto

Dismantling 'irrationality' of geo-economic thinking in central and eastern Europe

Shona Loong

At the margins of a ‘development darling’: intersections between sovereignty, territory, and development in Karen State, Myanmar

Penelope Mealy

Which way to prosperity? Mapping and modelling the process of economic development

Samuel Miller McDonald

Egalitarian Energy: Challenges to Neoliberal Discourse in Distributed Community Energy Programs

Stephanie Mooij

What are the major obstacles facing corporations in the uproar of ESG and what can be done to fix that? Reporting fatigue and ambiguous expectations

Saskia Nowicki

The risk assessment imperative for ‘safe’ drinking water: traversing the technology-policy-management nexus to secure clean water supply

Thanti Octavianti

Achieving water security in a developing-country delta city: Challenges from a waterfront development project in Jakarta Bay

Emilie Parry

"The New Local": Emerging configurations of cooperative applied learning for climate action within an Asian Interfaith Alliance

Ashim Paun

Efficacy in national policy frameworks for a post-oil era

Ian Robertson

A multi-jurisdictional study of proxy voting by retail investors, with specific reference to their interest in Responsible Investing

Aniket Shah

The economic geography of development banking for sustainable development

Xuanyi Sheng

The governance and management of public-private partnerships bringing together stakeholders in the realization of complex engineering projects - One Belt One Road Initiative

Ranu Sinha

Pathways to Water Security: Evaluating the impacts of irrigation investments in Madhya Pradesh, India

Guanli Zhang

Resistance to industrial pollution in rural China
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Visiting Research Associates

We also host visiting researchers throughout the year and have a number of associated and affiliated non-resident researchers:

Dr Paola Ballon

Honorary Research Associate, SSEE

Dr Sabine Dörry

Honorary Research Associate

Dr Johanna Waters

Honorary Research Associate

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