Explore Everything: Place-Hacking the City

Urban explorer and researcher in ethnography Dr Bradley Garrett's monograph "Explore everything: place hacking the city" has been published by Verso Books.

The book, released in October 2013, documents Bradley's exploration in over 300 trespass events in 8 countries over 4 years. In a review in the Guardian the book's style is described as "volatile and its stories are extraordinary. It narrates 'the rise and fall of the London Consolidation Crew (LCC), the UK's most notorious place-hackers', and Garrett's years with them… Intercut with the helter skelter storytelling is heavy duty analysis of, among other subjects, the politics of urban exploration, the affective role of photography and video, and the phenomenology of urban flow."

Bradley's work involves theorising the process of urban exploration in order to find deeper meaning in the spaces we pass through every day. Speaking about this work Bradley says "By sneaking into places they are not supposed to be, photographing them and sharing those exploits with the world, explorers are recoding people's normalised relationships to city space. It is both a celebration and a protest. Urban explorers make it clear that the city is not as secure as some may suggest, and by undertaking risks to prove those boundaries, one can create opportunities for creativity, discovery and friendship, and even uncover the places and histories that those in power would prefer remained hidden. Going beyond normally circumscribed boundaries forces one to rethink not just one's own identity but also the relationship between power and urban space."