The geography and dynamics of affluence and deprivation in the UK


Current Research

My research explores the dynamic processes which maintain and change the spatial concentrations of poverty in the UK, and how these dynamics altered over the period 2001-2012 through changing economic conditions.

I will investigate how selective migration by income contributes to observed spatial patterns of poverty; the relative incidence of transient and persistent poverty; the relationship between persistent poverty and local labour market conditions; and the role of housing costs in driving changes. The research will use a number of complementary methods including the creation of longitudinal datasets from government administrative data on welfare benefits.

I have a BA in Physics and an MSc in Applied Social Studies, both from the University of Oxford. I have previously worked in social care with young people and disabled adults, and as a researcher in criminology, health and local government.

Other media

Centre for East London Studies Seminar: 'Towards an understanding of the changing nature of deprivation in East London', February 2017