In order to obtain a graduate place at Oxford, as well as being accepted by the School of Geography and the Environment, a college must also accept you.

On the graduate application form, you may choose to either (i) indicate a college preference or (ii) indicate that you have no college preference, in which case a college will be selected on your behalf. You will not be able to amend your choice after submitting your application. Whether or not you state a college preference will not affect how your department assesses your application and ultimately whether or not they decide to make you an offer.

There are a wide range of colleges in Oxford. They range from the old, traditional colleges with a mix of undergraduates and postgraduates to newer, more informal colleges some of which are only for graduates. Some colleges are large with 300 or more graduate students; others are smaller with only 100 graduate students. Some colleges are located in the centre of Oxford within walking distance of School of Geography and the Environment, whilst others are a cycle-ride away.

Information on choosing a college can be found on the University's Choosing a college webpage. However, we hope the following supplementary information will help students applying to study for a graduate degree with the School of Geography and the Environment find the college that is right for them.

Students must check the University admissions pages to find out whether a college is accepting students for their chosen course.

We suggest you consider the following questions when researching colleges:

  1. Would you prefer a college which retains old traditions (e.g. high-table, wearing gowns at mealtime) or a newer college with less formality?
  2. Would you prefer a graduate-only college or would you like to be part of a graduate community within a larger undergraduate group?
  3. Are you looking for a college that can provide accommodation within the college (rare), in a college owned house, or do you require accommodation for you and your partner?
  4. Will you be looking for a small grant to help finance expenses associated with your dissertation research? (not all colleges can offer this)
  5. Are you looking for a college with a strong sporting culture and facilities?

Listen to what some of our students have to say about their colleges: